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Transformation of processes and organizations

What are the basic requirements for the sustainable success of every transformation, every realignment of a company?

It is the design and implementation of the appropriate processes and the organization derived from them. Even in the age of digitization and artificial intelligence: the futhur is still created by people.

Processes require competencies, bundled in roles, formed in an organization taking into account the dimensioning, which has to be done previously, an organization with capable and committed people who bring the processes to life self-motivated and independently – in the interests of the customers, in the interests of the business objectives.

On this path, both hard and soft factors are critical to success in order to lead the company, the organization and people into the new world.

This transformation process can be designed successfully with just a few tools, provided that these “keys to success” are known and used professionally – by people, with people.

In the course of digitization – especially in the highly productive manufacturing industry – lean management continues to be of central importance. Lean management significantly influences the process design and, derived from this, the form of the organization – be it the process organization, be it the structural organization, be it the understanding of being together.

On the one hand, knowledge of the technological, digital, innovative possibilities is essential, on the other hand authentic and mindful leadership – in the sense of „Be yourself the change you wish to see in this world.“ (Mahatma Gandhi).

There is no blueprint for a transformation. Each transformation is individual. It requires individual, tailor-made solutions, not least with regard to efficient project organization.

Redefining yourself is EVERYONE’s challenge!

30 years of professional activity, a very intensive, highly instructive time, during that period I have been able to help shape several different transformations in this sense, be it as a team member, consultant, project manager, interim manager, line manager, as managing director. I am very aware of the individuality of every transformation, with the opportunities and risks, the ups and downs, the motivation and resignation.

Long-term successful implementation requires mindful, authentic and binding action!


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