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Outstanding ability to translate ideas into action – convincing people by involving them and by actively taking account of the interests of all stakeholders

My defining career experience was gathered managing medium sized companies and business units, in Germany, Austria and South America, as well as international projects. Most recently I was Head of Production & Technology, Managing Director Technology and International Head of a regional company covering several countries. I have conducted projects in e.g. USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, China and India.

With regard to strategic reorganization and change management I have, together with the relevant people, gathered the experience mentioned below. This arose in projects leading to significant and sustainable results, e.g. improvements of the market position, establishment of new organizational structures, increasing EBITDA margins and reducing costs significantly.

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Selected Projects

Realigning Value Streams and Business Processes, using the opportunities of Lean Management
Business process reengineering projects in the area of production, technology as well as logistics and services, involving several sites both nationally and internationally – as a consequence of newly defined business strategies

  • Establishing optimized processes and methods of organization
  • In close cooperation with the staff in specialist departments
  • Some fundamental realignments of areas, such as manufacturing, engineering, maintenance and technical procurement
  • Where appropriate, exploiting the opportunities of an increasingly digital world
  • Cooperating with local works councils and unions
  • Achieving more effective process flows, optimized quality management and increased plant availability resulting in significant and sustainable contributions to earnings

Reorganization, Crisis Management, Achieving Culture Change

Carve-out project to concentrate the core technical competencies of an international group in a newly founded service subsidiary

  • Developing and implementing a fundamental realignment of the core business and restructuring of such areas, as were not identified as core competencies
  • Development and installation of a new organizational structure
  • Proactive management of HSEQ
  • Cooperating with local works councils and unions
  • Representing the company’s interests to the general public
  • Improving operational excellence significantly
  • Crisis management
  • Achieving a culture change and successfully positioning the subsidiary within the international group as a competitive service provider

Turnaround Management, Culture Change
In the course of a carve-out project intended to reorient a particular chemical business (newly founded subsidiary), taking responsibility as Head of Operations for consolidating the production & technology departments to meet the needs of changed customer and business requirements

  • Developing and implementing an asset strategy to meet future requirements involving the enlargement of production plants, but also relocation & closures
  • Developing and establishing a new organizational structure
  • Proactive HSEQ-management
  • Cooperation with local works councils and unions
  • Continuous improvement of operational excellence
  • Achieving the necessary culture change as well as significant long term contributions to profits

Realignment and Reorganization
Project to reorient a subsidiary of an international corporation in South-America, thereby developing and implementing a new regional strategy

  • Devising and putting into effect a general restructuring of the business processes and production plants
  • Realignment of the product range, with concomitant reductions in the number of products, while increasing the production quantities of key products
  • Involving customer requirements in plans and so ensuring delivery capability
  • Cooperating with local works councils and unions
  • Representing the company’s interests to the general public
  • Achievement of a significant and sustainable EBITDA improvement

Post-Merger Integration
Project in a subsidiary of a corporate group in South-America. Integrating a locally acquired family owned company, together with the concomitant reorganization

  • Extending global business processes while taking into account the specific cultural factors
  • Adaptation of the SCM
  • Actively involving customer interests, local authorities and media
  • Migration of the ERP-system
  • Achievement of a sustainable improvement of the market position


Profile & CV

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